Lethbridge Personal Accounting Services

All you want to do is make it through tax season unscathed. But just making it through is not enough. We want to help you thrive. By taking care of your personal tax requirements through excellent tax solutions, we create an integrated plan to set you up for greater success, year after year.

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Personal Accounting Services

Filing Tax Returns

Filing personal tax returns

Taxes only get more complicated as you achieve greater success. We help both employed and self-employed individuals take care of their taxes, equipping them with advice and resources to maximize cash and minimize tax.

Canada Revenue Agency Form

Dealing with the CRA

The CRA is a strict enforcer of the Income Tax Act, so you need someone in your corner who understands the law inside and out. We take the stress out of dealing with the CRA through intermediary communication, counsel and guidance for greater peace of mind.

Buying or Selling Your Home

Buying/selling your home

Your house is more than a home – it’s an investment, and that means unique tax implications come with that SOLD sign. There are unique tax benefits afforded to both sellers and first-time buyers, and we help you make sure you make the very most of them.

Investment Tax Advice

Tax Advice on Investments

Choosing the best investment for you can impact your tax bill significantly, both now and into the future. It’s not only about where you invest your money, but how you invest it. There are multiple products out there, many of which have unique tax benefits and considerations. To get the best outcome for you, it’s essential to discuss this area with your accountant, as well as your financial advisor.

We help you:

Find the right investment types for tax purposes
Offer guidance for withdrawing and investing
Help you understand the tax impacts of your investment plan

Pensions and Retirement Finances

Pensions and Retirement

Your pension and life savings are part of your guarantee for a great retirement. To help safeguard this investment, we offer unique guidance on pension planning for a more comfortable future.

We can help you:

  • Plan for retirement from a tax perspective by helping you understand how tools like RRSPs work
  • Understand the tax and income impacts of certain actions, such as a lump sum withdrawal of a pension
  • Understand the various government programs and benefits available
Advice For Significant Decisions

Advice for significant decisions

You have enough on your mind when dealing with major life decisions. A tax specialist can help you understand certain tax implications, and even connect you with other professionals (like a lawyer or investment advisor) so you can make the most informed decisions possible.

Significant decisions can include:

Major purchases (such as a rental or foreign property)
Becoming an entrepreneur
Managing the estate of a loved one

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should I hire an accountant to do my tax return?

We’re experts, we guarantee quality work, and we can help you deal with the stresses of the CRA. Best of all, you can sleep peacefully knowing you have experienced professionals helping you deal with the complicated tax laws through the best process possible.

What do you do outside of personal tax season?

Believe it or not, accountants are busy year-round, not just March and April! Throughout the year, we stay occupied with business taxes, working on estates, tax planning, and providing advice.

How much do your accounting services cost?

Costs vary depending on the complexity of the service and the timeline. The easiest way to determine our pricing is to set up a free meeting for a quote!

Can you fix my previous years’ tax returns?

Absolutely. Whether you are aware of mistakes throughout the years, or you just want to make sure you’ve received the highest return available, we can comb through past years to get you peace of mind.

When do you start preparing personal tax returns?

The earliest we begin is about mid-February, but we recommend waiting until early March to ensure you have received all of your tax slips.

How long does it take for you to complete my personal tax return?

We take around a week at minimum, but often require more time. The time it takes will vary based on complexity of your personal affairs and completeness of the information you provide.

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