March 30, 2016



All taxpayers want to keep taxation to a minimum. Our firm is committed to meeting the taxation needs of our business and personal clients. We maintain a commitment to the preparation of personal and corporate returns with all aspects of tax planning and compliance. We have tax specialists to assist in Estate planning and Family trusts.


Providing valuable financial information and advice will give you a clear picture of where your business is today and where it is going tomorrow. These services include bookkeeping, general ledger and preparation of compilation financial statements as well as other accounting related services.

Estate Management

We’ve talked about estate planning in terms of your Will, tax and insurance planning. A simple but critical element, often overlooked, is estate organization. Having an up to date list of who and what’s involved in your estate, should something unforeseen occur, is a game changer for your family. Our process makes this happen using QuickEstate’s Estate Organizer software. The digital format allows for quick updates and immediate access for your executor.

Audit & assurance

Volution Tax provides independent assurance on operations and financial performance. These services include the preparation of both audit and review engagement financial statements.


Using the firm’s collective knowledge and experience, our professionals can quickly analyze and isolate trouble areas in your business and offer practical and comprehensive solutions. After all, our professionals are business people too and, like you, they seek to maximize value. These services vary greatly depending on the client, but include: business process improvement, expansion planning, and succession planning, capital structure and re-organization issues.

Business valuation

Whether needed for tax planning, purchase or sale of a business, or other reasons, we offer independent, objective and informed value estimate.

Ag Services

We offer our clients assistance and support with Ag advisory, Agri Invest and Agri Stability programs, to help maximize growth in their business.