Lethbridge Non-Profit & Charity Accounting Services

Your passion burns bright, and we want to help keep it that way. Through specialized support, advice and services, we guide you through the complexities of non-profit accounting and taxes, freeing you up to do what you do best: build up your community.

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Non-Profit & Charity Accounting Services

Filing Tax Returns

Non-profit and charity tax and information returns

Though some NPOs don’t need to pay taxes, it’s always vital to file the required tax and information returns to make sure you can retain your unique status.

Business Data

Financial information preparation

All registered charities are required to publicly release their financial statements, so donor organizations know what they’re giving to. We help compile and release all your financial information to show your commitment to their cause, inspiring confidence in your organization.

Businesses We Work With

Audits of financial information

We help not-for-profits by doing in-depth audits of financial information (or compilations or reviews, if that’s all you need), so you can maintain your charitable status and show your donors how their money is helping the cause.

Reporting Requirement Fulfillment

Fulfillment of other reporting requirements

From leadership and governance to fraud prevention and internal controls, we help you fulfill every aspect of the reporting requirements you need as a non-profit organization.

Bookkeeping Services


Tidy books make everything easier for taxes, reviews and audits. We offer support and comprehensive training to help keep your books neat and easily trackable – so you can see possible areas of improvement.

Canada Revenue Agency Form

Dealing with the CRA

We’re here to help you maintain confidence and certainty with the Canadian Revenue Agency through advice, specialty knowledge and tax solutions for your non-profit organization.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I need to file tax returns as a non-profit?

There are a wide variety of NPOs, each with their own unique requirements and regulations. Some may owe tax while others will not. We recommend getting in touch with us so we can help you understand your options as a non-profit organization.

Do you prepare any non-profit returns pro bono (for free)?

No, we don’t. While we understand non-profits provide great benefits to our communities, they are still a business which earns and spends money. Part of the expenditures of running a non-profit – just like rent or employees – are the fees for the various services needed to meet all reporting requirements.

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