March 30, 2016

New Clients

Existing Clients

Welcome existing clients, you may make a payment on your account by etransfer to [email protected]

New Clients

Relationships are very important to Volution, LLP and starting off in the right direction helps enhance the start to an ongoing long term relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

I was referred by one of your clients. What’s next?

Referrals come through who you are, not what you sell. We get excited about referrals because that means we continue to do a great job for our existing clients. Give us a call at 403.328.1718. From there we can discuss your needs and set up a time to meet.

Do you accept new personal tax clients?

We are always accepting new personal tax clients.

Is my business big enough for you?

All business is important to us, small corporations/businesses still have some of the same issues that large corporations need to deal with and we are excited to deal with all levels of clients.

Who will I be meeting with?

We have a personal, hands-on approach. At Volution, LLP you will meet with one of our Partners.

Where are you located?

Our Lethbridge office is located at Suite 200, 514 Stafford Drive North (view map on ‘Contact Us’ page).

How long will the first meeting take?

The first meeting should take approximately 0.5 to 1.0 hours to cover most of the discussion.

What should I bring?

Bring your prior year financial statements and corporate tax returns along with any personal tax returns and notices of assessments for you and your spouse, if applicable for the last year filed.

You may want to bring in current financial information to help with planning and other issues. For first year-ends of corporations, or if you have questions about whether you need to incorporate, bring your personal tax return for last year and your notice of assessment.

What is the initial consultation fee?

We do not charge for the initial consultation. It is our belief that your first meeting is an opportunity for our firm to provide you our approach and how we do business.

How do we transition from my prior accountant?

A standard professional letter is sent to your accountant from our office and we require a response before we can begin working with you.

What are your fees?

As all clients have different and varying needs we do not have a standardized fee schedule. During our first consultation we will be able to provide a fee quote based on the information and needs of each particular client.

Do you require a retainer?

No. In most instances we do not require a retainer. However, under some circumstances a retainer for first year clients will be required amounting to the quote fee for the service.

Am I charged for questions?

As a service oriented firm we do not charge for questions throughout the year. We anticipate that our corporate clients will have various questions throughout the year and this is included in your annual fee.

However, if you have many questions that require specific attention or excess time to address additional charges will be incurred.

What information is needed for my year-end preparation?

We provide each new and existing client a year end checklist which is mailed to the client after their year end. The information provided is a guide and resource for our clients to gather the pertinent information needed to complete the engagement.

How long does it take to prepare my year-end?

A typical year end will take anywhere between 2-3 weeks to complete assuming we have all the information necessary to complete the file. Most delays are due to insufficient information.

What do I do once my year-end is complete?

You will receive a phone call and an appointment will be set up to discuss the year-end . If there are no changes then documents will be signed and information returns will be mailed or filed to the appropriate government agencies.

What about the bill?

You will receive your invoice at the end of the closing meeting. Our firm accepts visa, mastercard, debit, cash and cheque. The bill needs to be paid within 30 days of the invoice date.